Welcome to Segulah!

Segulah is an independent minyan that meets in various locations in Shepherd Park/Silver Spring for full-liturgy, energizing, songful, and participant-led egalitarian davening in a warm, welcoming, accessible neighborhood community.

We gather once or twice a month for Shabbat morning services and a potluck lunch or kiddush. Check the calendar to the right for upcoming dates and locations for Segulah, and learn more about Segulah by clicking the headings above.

Segulah’s regulars include folks who otherwise daven at diverse kinds of synagogues and minyans across the Jewish landscape, Jews by birth and Jews by choice, all ages from babies to grandparents, LGBT and straight, vegetarians and omnivores, folks with various abilities and disabilities,and cartographers and teachers and activists of varying political opinions. But we all value the prayer experience and community feeling that we create at Segulah.

We hope to see you at Segulah!

Join Segulah’s email list to be informed about upcoming Segulah news, and email [email protected] to join our WhatsApp group or with any questions.