At Segulah, all of us join together to create Shabbat morning services (as well as occasional Friday evening and holiday services).  Everyone plays an important role by contributing their voices and their presence.  Segulah services are always songful and fully egalitarian.

The service follows the traditional structure of the liturgy, but Segulah does not have any one official siddur (prayerbook).  Different service leaders and participants use different siddurim.  While several siddurim are provided, all are encouraged to bring the siddur of their choice.  Though this diversity of siddurim means that page numbers are not announced, Segulah provides a grid that lists page numbers in several popular siddurim.  There are no explicit directions such as “Please rise”; all are invited to sit or stand according to their own customs or preferences.

Download the Segulah page grid. Printed copies are available at all Segulah events.